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Service is a philosophy. It’s an approach to life which views work, business, and all relationships as an opportunity to love, care and help. God models it, Christ displayed it, and we are to demonstrate it. I work to promote this as a culture, by inspiring and equipping individuals and organizations to live it out.

Who is Dayo Adewoye?

  • Had his early childhood in the city of Kano (but didn’t learn Hausa!)
  • Is the youngest of 4 children and husband to a lovely lady.
  • Begins his workday with a cup of tea.cup of tea
  • Studied at the University of Ilorin (Economics), Daystar Leadership Academy(Leadership), ICSA (Customer Service)
  • Visited Mary Slessor’s home during his youth service in Cross River State.
  • Stumbled into Customer Service in 2009 and fell in love with it.
  • Loves reading (philosophy, theology, business, history, etc), listening to Music (classical music, Christian hymns, country songs,etc), writing (he blogs often on different topics)
  • Is passionate about the theme of Service and how it can change our world.

You will often find me online at the following spots:

Service Culture – where I share thoughts and ideas on Service, Work, and Business.

The Christian Mind is where I discuss and reflect on the Christian worldview.

Picture1Dayo Adewoye


picture 3

Dayo Adewoye


Or contact me through the form below. Thanks.


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