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What I do


Service Culture

Service Culture is a serLogo - Image - editedvice brand. Through training, content publishing, and consulting, I am inspiring and equipping individuals and organizations to create a world driven by service.

The Christian Mind

Logo - ImageThe Christian Mind is a movement based on one idea: the Christian worldview is crucial for human flourishing. Therefore it is committed to glorifying God by teaching and fostering discussions on the Christian faith and worldview. Publishing, running a bookstore, training are some of the ways it is working to accomplish this.

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As an editor, I help to improve the accuracy, clarity, and effectiveness of different text-based content. This includes web content, books, articles, proposals, academic theses, and much more.

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My Thoughts

Disengaging business partners without alienating customers

Many companies operate a business model which involves a partnership with other businesses. For instance, a retail outlet sells items to its customers which are produced and supplied by other organizations. A health maintenance organization (HMO) provides access to healthcare for its enrollees through a network of healthcare providers. A restaurant or fast food chain often … Continue reading Disengaging business partners without alienating customers

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Dayo is a Christian, a husband, and a father.

Well, here are some other facts about him:

  • Had his early childhood in the city of Kano (but didn’t learn Hausa!)
  • Is the youngest of 4 children
  • Studied at the University of Ilorin (Economics), Daystar Leadership Academy(Leadership), ICSA (Customer Service), and several other courses
  • Visited Mary Slessor’s home during his youth service in Cross River State, Nigeria
  • Stumbled into Customer Service in 2009 and fell in love with it
  • Encountered the Christian worldview during his days in the university and has been exploring it ever since
  • Loves reading (philosophy, theology, business, history, etc.), listening to music (classical music, Christian hymns, country songs, etc.), writing (he blogs often from a Christian perspective), and taking walks
  • Enjoys reading some favourite authors, including Lesslie Newbigin, N.T. Wright, Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Nancy Pearcey, and Os Guinness. You can see a fuller list here
  • Attends Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos, Nigeria with his family
  • Begins his workday with a cup of tea (coffee is fine sometimes!)
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I am currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can connect with me through any of my social handles.

You can also contact me via the form below: