Healing the world

My mind recalled the popular song by the late Michael Jackson. It’s probably my favourite among all his songs, not only for the beauty and sweetness of its tune, but also for the compassion and appeal of its lyrics. It is the cry of one who longs for our broken planet to be put right.

Our world really is in need of healing: Broken families. Abused children. News of suicide  bombings ring out daily (the Nigerian mind recalls Boko Haram). We really need healing. The question is: How?

The problem with our world is much more basic than is often assumed. Governments tend to treat societal ills as matters that are to be solved by mere allocation of resources; provision is made in budgets for security, education, etc. Essential as these might be, the problem is much deeper than that.

Crime, broken homes, split marriages, rape, corruption, all have their origin in that corruption of the human heart which the bible refers to as sin. We need a stronger corrective for this anomaly, and we have it in the message of the gospel. The gospel is not merely a message, it is a power – the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16). As individuals are transformed through the working of the Holy spirit , they are empowered to live as new creatures and bring God’s love to those around them. They  fight for justice for the oppressed and push for honesty in their dwellings. They love their wives and nourish their children. They walk in love and live in truth. So it goes until our world is transformed and becomes a ‘better place for you and for me’.

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