In Focus: Australia




Australia needs revival: a recovery of fervent faith and godly living.

Name: Commonwealth of Australia

Area: 7,682,300 sq km

This island continent is the world’s driest, but better watered in the east, southeast and southwest coastal regions, where most live in highly concentrated urban areas. There are three permanently inhabited dependent territories: Norfolk Island (35 sq km; 2,037 pop), Christmas Is. (135 sq km; 1,408 pop), Cocos Is. (14 sq km; 591 pop).

Population: 21,507,384

Annual Growth: 1.07%

Capital: Canberra

Urbanites: 89.1%

HDI Rank: 2 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2009)

 Peoples: 143 (8% unreached)

Official language: English. 20% of the population use English as a second language

Languages: 207

Largest Religion: Christian



Pop %

Ann Gr









Answer to Prayer

The political leaders of Australia, from recent prime ministers down to many parliamentarians and cabinet members, are profoundly influenced by their belief in Christianity. Increasing secularization is taking a firmer grip on society generally, although a relatively strong Christian representation in politics remains a positive influence in protecting the long-established, biblically based values that shaped law and public life over many generations in Australia. A Christian ethic also aided in issuing a formal apology for the mistreatment of aboriginals.

Challenge for Prayer

The Church in Australia faces a mighty challenge – to remain relevant. While over two-thirds of Australians identify themselves in some way as Christian, only 10% regularly attend church, and increasing numbers have negative attitudes toward the Church’s perceived intolerance and authoritarianism. Secularism is not so much the dominant ideology as is an individualized, New Age, pick-and-choose spirituality with no accountability. Almost all mainline churches face stagnation or decline, and growth even among evangelicals has slowed. Pray for reformation and revival of the Church, and for this to impact every sphere of society.


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