A Year of Blogging

How time flies!

I checked the older entries on this blog and realized that my first post was on 15th December, 2011. This means The Christian Mind has been on for a whole year!

All praise be to God for the opportunity to write or share various articles, book reviews, and so on. In all I have shared or posted about 73 items, all with one central purpose in mind – to transform society through the christian worldview.  I confess that I have sometimes been slothful. On some days I have lost track of my true purpose and entertained vain thoughts. Yet God has been most gracious and merciful.

I look forward to the new year with hope, dependent on God for grace to be more effective in teaching and spreading the christian worldview. My goals over the next twelve months, by God’s grace, include:

  1. Publish more frequently (at least 5 posts a week).
  2. Gain a wider audience by utilizing more social media tools.
  3. Improve the content of published posts.
  4. Emphasize the Gospel message.
  5. Develop a continually updated list of books I have found helpful or have had recommended by others. I’ll tag this ‘Books for Life’.

I am trusting in the One who has helped me thus far to see me through. Amen.

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