Richly Rewarding Reading

Helpful counsel on the importance of disciplined reading.

Reformed in Nigeria

It is good to read.

It is good to read good reads.

A proper amount of good reading is indeed a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor, especially for the student of Scripture. And because true wisdom and knowledge are not obtained by the “auto” process of effortlessly clicking on a download button, disciplined and principled reading is the method few find palatable and many others are altogether averse to.
But having said that, I’d like to use this opportunity to encourage those who are earnestly desirous to begin to read good Christian literature and who are experiencing some difficulty in determined, disciplined reading.

We know all too well how easily and quickly we begin to read a good book, get a short way into its pages, only to find ourselves treating it like an abandoned project.

A few simple and helpful reading principles which I’ve learned that have proven very profitable…

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