Dealing with difficult customers

Service Culture

Have you ever had a client or customer who was boiling with rage and was threatening to bring down your entire business? Perhaps you interact with customers over the phone. You might have received a call from a bitter customer who felt he was cheated by your company. How did you handle such a challenge?

Within Customer Service, it is usual to refer to such customers as ‘Irate customers’. And it is helpful to know how to handle such cases before they arise.

Young woman on terrace using mobile phone

First, it is important to know that an irate client is not necessarily an ‘evil’, ‘troublesome’, or ‘aggressive’ person. In many cases, they are simply ordinary individuals who became deeply infuriated about a certain act of service failure. And such cases often arise after repeated failures from the organization. It is also sometimes the case that the person is simply a very expressive or demanding customer who…

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