What’s a Worldview all about?

The Christian Mind

Boy with camera

Everyone has a worldview; we just don’t think much about it.

What is it anyway?

A worldview is like your conceptual picture of reality (the world, life, everything). It is how you ‘see’ things, and how this picture helps you make sense of the little things and the big things in your life. Compare it to a camera or lens through which you see the world.

Your worldview will shape how you view politics, education, relationships, entertainment, work, etc. It governs your outlook on life. It is the silent and unnoticed group of assumptions you bring to everything you do.

There are multitudes of worldviews, and it is not uncommon for us to mix elements of different worldviews together. For instance, many Nigerian Christians who are educated have imbibed aspects of a secular worldview such as the belief in an autonomous rational universe which can be known through scientific investigation…

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