We need Christian Schools

The Christian Mind

school-in-lagos A school in Lagos, Nigeria

We need Christian schools.

I believe many Christians would agree with that assertion. And some would even mention that we already have a number of them in Nigeria. They may be expensive, they may be few, but we have some. However, I don’t mean a school run by Christian individuals or churches, or a school where it is normal to have prayer meetings and bible studies, or a school where Christian knowledge is part of the curriculum. What I mean by Christian school is a school where the whole philosophy and practice of education is shaped by a Christian worldview.

A Christian school, at least its faculty, will understand that the world, both its physical and non-material aspects, was created by God. And because that world was pronounced good by its Creator (Gen. 1:31), every sphere of life is rendered worthy of our study and participation. Humanity is created in God’s own…

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