Jeremiah’s call and ours


Jeremiah 1:5-10

Jeremiah’s call spoke powerfully to me after I became a Christian. In it I could discern God calling me to bear witness to the gospel.

I had the same objection, but I received similar encouragement. The God who sends forth never abandons – and so it has been all these years.

This is not just for me, though. God’s call to every believer comes with that same assurance: ‘I am with you to deliver you’.

Where is the enemy? How terrifying can they be? Can they be mightier than the God who made the universe with just a command?

We have a commission to disciple the nations – to make them obedient to Christ jesus. And, like Jeremiah, we are truly set over nations and kingdoms. We are to establish God’s rule and displace Satan’s dominion.

By his grace, let us go forth!

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