A King without borders


Psalm 72:11-13

Christ came as the awaited Messiah who would occupy David’s throne. This passage reflects the expectation that he would be a global King, whose rule would extend over all the earth.

While the Jewish hope that the Messiah would literally live in Jerusalem in a restored palace wasn’t realized, Christ does reign as a King. He rules over nations through the Gospel. And his authority extends from China to Australia, from Africa to South America.

Wherever individuals, families, and nations submit to the gospel, they come under his rule. And ‘he will have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth’ (v.8)

But he is not merely a powerful King, he is a compassionate one. He is a ruler who cares for the oppressed, feeds the hungry, and heals the sick. We saw him do this while on earth,and he continues still through his people, the church.

For he came not merely to save the soul but to redeem the whole man.

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