The Textouch Story

Textouch began with a fascination with stories. Whether it was the tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp, or the story of Ade and his adventures, or the experiences of the young African in a new city, stories caught my attention. They drew me to partake in a world so real and yet so strange.

Coupled with this love for the content of stories was an equal interest in their clarity. I wanted them to be clear and well written. Grammatical errors, poor phrasing, complicated sentences always distract from the beauty of the content. And I saw myself as the deliverer born to set stories free.

So from mentally correcting TV ads and product labels, to reviewing school essays and assignments, I now edit anything non-fiction. Websites, magazine articles, books, and so on. My story is now woven with the stories of countless Africans.

And that is how stories are meant to be.

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