A Prayer for our anxious age

“Lord, help me be faithful during my waiting period.

Your promises will be fulfilled in my life, for you are a God who cannot lie. However, I can dishonour you by worry, impatience or fear when I refuse to trust in the process. I can bring myself much pain and stress when I get anxious that it seems to be taking too long.

Let me learn from the life of Abraham who waited for 25 years to get Isaac, or from the Israelites who were not delivered from Egypt until after 400 years, or from David who, even though he was destined for the throne, endured so much hostility from Saul without becoming disloyal.

Let the example of Christ instruct me, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross and despised its shame.

Let me not lose hope, but let me keep trusting, for at the right time I shall receive the promised blessing.


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