Journal – July 14

The day is wrapping up.  Daniel got me up early this morning (4am).  He does this occasionally,  but it’s  less frequent now that he’s  getting older. He’s 3.

I had to give him some bread and tea,  but he took only half of it.  Funny enough,  he fell back to sleep at 6.30 – on a Sunday morning! And his mum also slept shortly after. In other words,  I went to church alone.  Then came back and had my own sleep.

Sleep really does us good.  It clears the mind,  makes us sharper, and helps to keep us healthy.  And,  importantly,  our need for sleep has a way of reminding us that we are human.  And that is good.

I continued reading through the day.  Read some online  articles in Comment magazine, read a portion from Tim Keller”s Center Church,  and continued my Bible reading. I’m now on 1 Chronicles.

Later in the evening,  we all went for fellowship.

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