Why observe Customer Service Week?


In a couple of months, October precisely, it’ll be another Customer Service Week. And many companies will toe the line and attempt to ‘do something’ for their customers.

But it’s helpful to step back and reflect on the purpose of the week. Why was it set up? What’s the agenda?

According to the International Customer Service Association (ICSA), the aim was to ” get businesses and organizations to deepen their understanding of the impact that the customer experience (CX) has on the satisfaction and loyalty of those customers.”

The week is basically an opportunity to remind businesses and organizations about the strategic importance of customer-facing personnel and front-line staff to the overall growth and success of the business. This category of employees affect the company’s bottom line and reputation much more than is often acknowledged. Hence the need for special recognition.

So as you plan towards this week, and it’s not too early to start planning, be intentional about the true purpose of the event. And let’s recognise those courteous, humble, passionate, intelligent, and dedicated executives who delight in providing a memorable experience for your customers.

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