Stay Safe, Keep Living

There are moments that cause us to pause and think—
This is one.

What is my life about, or what is Life about?

It is a web connecting us to God and to others.
A circle embracing the divine and human.

Complete your circle by connecting the dots.

Connect with God, through Christ his son.
Connect with him for life itself.

Connect online: chat with friends, call your parents, check out neighbours, collaborate with colleagues.

Prepare a cup of tea;
Relax in the calm of a quiet morning

Read a book, whatever your choice.
Collins, Keller, Wright, Drucker, Spurgeon—take your pick.

Spend time with the book of books.
Think with Paul, sing with David, and reflect with John.

Meditate on God’s promises, and delight in the grace of a good God.

Watch a movie;
Fly away on the wings of a great story.

Take a short walk and breath in fresh air.

Do some chores within the house;
Your life is not on hold.

Get busy, keep doing.
Stay safe, but don’t stop living.

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