The most vital stat for your Business

Image of a pleased female employee
Happy employee

Dear Business Owner,

You might be worried that your sales volume has plummeted or that the percentage of calls presented and picked in your call centre has declined.

Be not dismayed. There’s probably one stat you are overlooking.

Globally, we are in a time of crisis. With over a million infected and 69,000+ dead, every country is witnessing unprecedented panic. Fear and anxiety trails every conversation, for you wonder who’s next. And in such a time as this, excitement to work will naturally drop.

Therefore, probably the most important target any business owner can aim at is high employee morale. Yes, sales may be down (probably except you are dealing with core items like food, medicines, sanitizers, and related products). And yes, you may not be getting as many calls as you used to. However, if you still have a team of people working passionately for you, either remotely or in your facility (as an essential services organization), then you have something that is really priceless at such a time as this.

So drive this. Talk to your people. Pay their salaries. Encourage them. Throw in a little tip here and there (as often as you can afford it). Get the team leads to chat them up and know how they and their families are faring. This is not a time to overwork them (there never is). Reduce the hours of work so they can stay safe with their loved ones. For your people are your greatest asset.

And when this is all over (and I believe it will be), this same team will be there to help you recover all that has been lost.

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