Give your best daily


I shared the below words with the call centre team that I work with. I’m hopeful that many others will find them helpful. 

When I began my first job, I was introduced to the company’s motto:

“We do not go to sleep, we do not hang up the phone, until the customer says, ‘Thank you’.”

And this translated into doing your best and going the extra mile on each case to get it resolved. Did we always realize this? No. But it was a principle which we sought to practise. And I have come to see that the same principle applies to our work and every other sphere of life. It is about giving your best in everything, and not allowing yourself to be hindered by challenges.

The current global situation, with the accompanying fear and uncertainty, can be mind-numbing. It can make us throw our hands down in resignation and conclude that nothing can be done about a call, an email or a WhatsApp message. But when we take the time to think about it, an idea can come through. Perhaps the issue is even about a personal relationship, or a task you have elsewhere. Before you give up, ask yourself : “Have I done my best?” Quite often, we realize that there is still something further we can do.

As a Christian, I am motivated by gratitude. I know that God loves me and has saved me through his son, Jesus Christ. So I endeavour to glorify him in everything I do. I know I am not perfect; I make mistakes at home and at work. But this is generally what drives me.

I do hope we share the same conviction, but even if you don’t, the sense of personal fulfillment can help you to give your best every day. It is a wonderful sense to lie on your bed at night and recall that all you did that day was done well. It helps make your sleep even better.

So, don’t be weighed down by the anxiety; rise above it. Determine to do your best with everything that’s been committed to you. Remember: this is not just about THT; it applies to every sphere of our lives. Your relationships, family, marriage, career plans, etc.

COVID-19 stares us in the face everyday, but it should not distract us from living. It is a challenge to be overcome. Besides, it might have altered the way things are done globally, and it’s possible a lot of things might change even after the pandemic is over. The IMF and other organizations are already warning of a global economic recession.

Nevertheless, we have a life to live. And we only live well when we give our very best.

May we all enjoy safe and fulfilling days ahead.

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