A Birthday Reflection

Upon resumption at work in October, 2021

The years go by so quickly. Another 12 months gone, and I am left wondering where it went. How was it spent? How was it used?

I am grateful for the blessings God has bestowed over the past year, his favours towards my wife and children, and his help through all that occurred. Rejoicing over his past providence, I look forward to future grace.

Life is such a fickle thing, as the apostle James noted. It is a vapour which is here today but is gone in an instant. The best I can do, therefore, is put it to good use. And that means getting to know God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent.

Getting to know God speaks not just of spending more time in prayer or meditating on more scriptural texts, although those are foundational. I have in mind the outcomes of those two lifestyle practices. I think of knowing God as Creator, Redeemer, and Lord in every sphere of life, from Family relations to Business, from Politics to Education. We must come, everyone of us, to knowing this God as God within the different compartments of our lives. It means loving him with our whole hearts and living by his revelation across all we do.

For this we need grace, a grace mediated by the Holy Spirit. Not by power, not by might, but by the Spirit—the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of Pentecost, the Spirit poured out on the church. It is by this Spirit that we can be renewed and sanctified. Through this Spirit, we are empowered to spread God’s kingdom on earth.

And for more of this Spirit I ask over the years ahead.

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