The perennial significance of customer service

It is the age of AI and block chain. New technologies and business tools spring up around us like plants in the rainy season. And in a highly competitive world, such as the business terrain is, the successful organization must be quick to learn about the newest development. Not only must it know about the … Continue reading The perennial significance of customer service

Disengaging business partners without alienating customers

Many companies operate a business model which involves a partnership with other businesses. For instance, a retail outlet sells items to its customers which are produced and supplied by other organizations. A health maintenance organization (HMO) provides access to healthcare for its enrollees through a network of healthcare providers. A restaurant or fast food chain often … Continue reading Disengaging business partners without alienating customers

How to improve your writing

    Many business professionals find writing challenging. They are quite aware that their attempt to express thought and idea in ink or pixel does not quite meet up. And they are aware that they need to improve on this ability if they are to be more effective at work. I had a chat with … Continue reading How to improve your writing

Communication in an uncertain age

    The ultimate goal of communication is not just to share information but to build community. The aim is to create unity among disparate entities. When we share information, we hope to reach a mutual understanding and agreement so we can work or live together. It is thus a social function. In a world … Continue reading Communication in an uncertain age

Book Review: Business as Mission by Michael R. Baer

Can Business be more than an enterprise for the generation of profit? Is there a higher purpose to this human activity? This book argues that there is. Business as Mission, according to the author, is an attempt to "explore how companies can align with God's purpose and bring him glory." This journey flows from the … Continue reading Book Review: Business as Mission by Michael R. Baer

The Purpose of Business

What is the purpose of Business? In a conference presentation Jeff Van Duzer, former Dean of the Seattle Pacific University (SPU) School of Business and Economics,  identified a twofold purpose for business. He described it as God's Mission Statement for Business in general. Business exists to create opportunities for individuals to express aspect of their … Continue reading The Purpose of Business

Book Review: Mastering Monday by John Beckett

Ken Blanchard writes in the Foreword: We live in a world of either-or dichotomies, and faith and work can seem like polar opposites. But the 'sacred' and the 'secular' need not be opponents. Instead, each can shed light on the other... Reading Mastering Monday has brought me real joy. It explains in simple and profound … Continue reading Book Review: Mastering Monday by John Beckett

The Christian Worldview of Business

Christ is king of all creation.  He rules over the universe as Mediator. As the great  Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper declared in his inaugural lecture, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: 'Mine!' ". As his followers … Continue reading The Christian Worldview of Business

Book Review: Business for the Glory of God

Is business a necessary evil? Contemporary spirituality tends to think 'yes'. But this little book by Wayne Grudem argues otherwise. And he does so from Scripture. According to the author, business is a calling that not only caters to man's good, but also brings glory to God.  Essentially, business is the process of creatively using … Continue reading Book Review: Business for the Glory of God


Thank God it's Monday! Time to follow your dreams and pursue your calling. Time to rejoice in the beauty of the world and the goodness of the created order. Time to solve problems for others and reap rewards in the process. Time to add value to your neighbour and help build God's kingdom. Welcome to … Continue reading TGIM