A Prayer for Africa

Between 1900 and 2010 (about a hundred years), the number of Christians in Africa grew from 7.5 million to 504 million. This is a rise from 9.1% to 48.8% of the population!* While praising God for the massive growth, I am mindful of the intense need for discipleship. This is an area which has not … Continue reading A Prayer for Africa

In Focus: Syria

        The violence keeps worsening and neither side is giving up. So many lives lost, yet no end to the strife. The crisis in Syria has been on for several months now and the whole world seems unable to resolve it. The United Nations peace efforts have been repeatedly ignored. And the … Continue reading In Focus: Syria

In Focus: Bahrain

      Name: Kingdom of Bahrain Area: 691 sq km A group of one larger and 32 smaller barren islands in the Arabian Gulf, between the Qatar peninsula and Saudi Arabian mainland – linked to the latter by a causeway. Population: 807,131    Annual Growth: 2.10% Capital: Manama Urbanites: 88.6% HDI Rank: 39 of 182 (UN … Continue reading In Focus: Bahrain

In Focus: Bahamas

      This popular tourist destination needs a revival. It is surrounded by beauty, but may the youth learn to set their hearts on the One who made all things for us to enjoy. Name: The Commonwealth of the Bahamas Area: 14,000 sq km An archipelago of 700 coral islands between Florida and Cuba. … Continue reading In Focus: Bahamas

In Focus: Azerbaijan

      Pray for the establishment of God's kingdom in this largely Muslim nation. Name: Republic of Azerbaijan Area: 86,600 sq km Caucasian republic on the Caspian Sea, including a 5,632 sq km enclave, Nakhichevan, between Armenia and Iran, and the disputed 4,400 sq km region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Population: 8,933,928 Annual Growth: 1.11% Capital: … Continue reading In Focus: Azerbaijan

In Focus: Austria

      The land of Mozart, Freud and Drucker, Austria is a beautiful country. There is, however, a deep vacuum in the hearts and lives of the people that the cultural achievements and lovely scenery cannot satisfy. Please pray that God will reveal Himself anew to Austrians. Name: Republic of Austria Area: 83,855 sq … Continue reading In Focus: Austria

In Focus: Australia

      Australia needs revival: a recovery of fervent faith and godly living. Name: Commonwealth of Australia Area: 7,682,300 sq km This island continent is the world’s driest, but better watered in the east, southeast and southwest coastal regions, where most live in highly concentrated urban areas. There are three permanently inhabited dependent territories: … Continue reading In Focus: Australia

In Focus: Armenia

      This mountainous, landlocked country has been a Christian nation for over 17 centuries. It was brought under communist rule but has been independent ever since the fall of that system. However, great challenges remain. Please pray for external peace and domestic prosperity. The good news of salvation through personal faith in Jesus … Continue reading In Focus: Armenia

In Focus: Argentina

        Most people are Roman Catholic, but  much of the religion is nominal. Please pray for revival. Name: Argentine Republic Area: 2,780,092 sq km Latin America’s second largest country, with a great range of climate, rainfall and topography. The 16,300 sq km Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) are claimed by Argentina but remain … Continue reading In Focus: Argentina

In Focus: Angola

              Two and half decades of civil war have left the country devastated. Formerly a communist nation, Angolan society has experienced the misery, deprivation and violence that that ideology always births. But praise be to God, the light of the gospel has been steadily bringing healing and succour to … Continue reading In Focus: Angola