The problem of evil: a Christian response

It’s everywhere. Recently, scores of people were slaughtered in a middle belt state here in Nigeria by people believed to be herdsmen from the northern part of the country. Years ago, I lost a dear cousin to HIV. Many have also lost loved ones to cancer, malaria, and several other diseases. A hurricane swept through … Continue reading The problem of evil: a Christian response

Christian answers to 3 Basic Questions

Metaphysics What is the nature of reality? What is ultimately real? Is it God,  gods or the material cosmos? In his book The Universe Next Door, James Sire points out that the answer provided here affects every other question or area of concern. The Christian believes that ultimate reality is a personal, spiritual and moral being … Continue reading Christian answers to 3 Basic Questions

Christianity and Communism

Communism is one of the great ideologies to have arisen on the earth. Spanning across cultures as diverse as Russia and China, it is truly a global movement. It has enjoyed, and still enjoys, wide appeal because of its concern for  the  suffering and oppression of the lower classes of society. Ironically, the system (and … Continue reading Christianity and Communism