The Lesson of Church History

One of my first books, and certainly my first introduction to church history. What an experience! It is so sad to have lived in the dark all one's life, only to be suddenly thrust into such a rich and engrossing epic. Beyond an exposure to unfamiliar names like Cyprian and Ignatius, Wycliffe and Luther, McCheyne … Continue reading The Lesson of Church History

Graceborne: An experiment in journalling

Today,  by God's grace, I commence the practice of journalling.  I used to do this many years ago but got too busy.  Over time, however,  I have learnt it is a vital practice for spiritual development and personal growth.  It is a good way to nurture one's  spirit as one reflects on daily life.  And … Continue reading Graceborne: An experiment in journalling

At the Daystar Skill Training in Ogudu, Lagos

Last Saturday was quite eventful. I was privileged to work alongside a team of leaders within the Cell System of Daystar Christian Centre, as we embarked on a skill acquisition programme for individuals within the Ogudu area of Lagos, Nigeria. We invited experienced facilitators who trained participants on different skills such as Fascinator design , … Continue reading At the Daystar Skill Training in Ogudu, Lagos

Who is an editor?

    An editor is a midwife - a midwife of ideas. Women have been given that unique position and privilege of conceiving a baby and having the precious human being gradually develop within them. While the child grows, she supplies all that is needed for growth. After a period of around nine months, the … Continue reading Who is an editor?

The Christian and history

The Christian Mind

les-anderson-167377 Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

I had a discussion with a friend recently, and our discussion veered towards how many Nigerian schools were not teaching history. We reflected on the little instruction in history we both received as young pupils compared to the apparently worse state the subject is in today.

Our brief conversation later got me thinking about how crucial the subject of history is to the Christian faith and worldview. And the relationship is such that the believer cannot afford to neglect the subject.

Unlike the traditional African ‘God’ who is aloof from his creation, the Christian believes in a God who acts in history. Right from his creation of our first parents, he gets involved in their lives. Planting a garden and commissioning Adam to tend it, He reached out to save them when they fell. He sent Abraham to a foreign land, rescued his descendants generations later…

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Understanding Grace

The Christian Mind

joshua-earle-63441 Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Grace is central to the Christian worldview. At the core of the Christian understanding of reality is that although man has fallen from his exalted position in which he was created, God has stepped in to secure his salvation. And this salvation Paul has declared to be by grace:

 “For by Grace are you saved” (Eph. 2:8)

How then does grace play out? What is involved in God’s display of saving grace? Let us briefly examine five themes which highlight how God’s grace works out in the salvation of individuals.

Man’s utter sinfulness

The Bible describes the condition of fallen humanity as one of death. God issued this threat if our first parents disobeyed His injunction (Gen. 2:17). Sadly, they did. And the sentence was passed in keeping with divine justice. All the miseries and ills befalling humanity ever since – crime, broken homes…

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The Idol of Politics

The Christian Mind

Dome - National assembly National Assembly, Abuja

If you grew up in Africa, the word ‘idol’ immediately conjures up images of ancestors offering food items or performing rituals to some sculpted artifact or a natural feature (rocks, rivers, or trees). And your reaction would probably go like this: “Our ignorant ancestors were uneducated; that was why they could hold to such silly beliefs. We, their descendants, know better than to kneel before such lifeless and unresponsive gods.”

Such a view would be sorely mistaken. Idols are way more than we think.

According to Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton in The Transforming Vision, idols are good, created things which we have absolutized and religiously pursued to give us fulfillment. They are aspects of God’s world, but we put them in God’s place to provide what only God can give. So many things have been thus misused, including money, sex, fame, and even reason.


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Why Africa needs the Christian Worldview

The Christian Mind


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Recently,  I stated that Africa needs the Christian worldview. Here’s why.

Truth: What is real?

Not a realm of divinized humans and ancestral spirits, but a God who has created a universe in which living creatures dwell. A false view of reality will distort our ethics and affect other facets of our lives. The Christian worldview gives a reliable basis for morality and ethics; it finds the ground for goodness in God’s own character. Sexual purity, honesty, and mercy are right because they are reflections of God’s own nature.

Identity: Who am I?

I am a human, created in the image of the God who created all things. I have value on this account, and not through submission to the will of my community. My allegiance is ultimately to the God who rules over all.

Security: How can I be…

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