The Bible as Revelation

God speaks. And he has spoken to humanity in two volumes: General and Special revelation. General revelation, Volume One of God's communication, is that knowledge of God which we have by considering his works or by reflecting upon our own natures. David (Psalm 19) wrote of how the intricate design of the universe speaks of … Continue reading The Bible as Revelation

Exultation in God

This is a song of delight in God by the ancient Jewish King, David. It's the 103rd chapter of the Book of Psalms. Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all … Continue reading Exultation in God

Is the Old Testament Relevant Today?

The 39 books which comprise the Old Testament seem very different. They relate ancient happenings and portray very old cultures. The stories and events seem really distant. We read of God destroying the whole earth through rain, people travelling on foot, old currencies like shekel and strange musical instruments like timbrels. The world seems quite … Continue reading Is the Old Testament Relevant Today?

Book Review: Why I Believe

Why I Believe D. James Kennedy (1930 – 2007) Thomas Nelson, Inc (2005), 222 pages Reviewed by Dayo Adewoye   The late Dr Kennedy explores the grounds for some foundational teachings of Christianity, including: God, Creation, Heaven and hell, Christ, the Holy spirit, etc, And he offers compelling reasons for believing each one. He opens … Continue reading Book Review: Why I Believe

The Scriptures – Our ultimate basis for truth

What do the Scriptures teach us about itself? The light of nature and the works of creation and providence reflect God so as to leave men inexcusable (a). However, this knowledge is not sufficient to lead us to Christ for salvation (b). Therefore, God, in various ways, has revealed his will to his church during … Continue reading The Scriptures – Our ultimate basis for truth

Why Believe the Bible?

Centuries ago, an English pastor by the name of Thomas Watson wrote: "Because the Old and New Testament are the foundation of all religion (Christian beliefs and practices). If their divinity cannot be proved, the foundation on which we build our faith is gone." And we all know what happens to a structure with insecure … Continue reading Why Believe the Bible?