Living Words – Abraham Kuyper (1837 – 1920)

If the battle is to be fought with honour and with a hope of victory, then principle must be arrayed against principle; then it must be felt that in Modernism the vast energy of an all-embracing life system assails us, then also it must be understood that we have to take our stand in a … Continue reading Living Words – Abraham Kuyper (1837 – 1920)

Calvinism Today, by B.B.Warfield

Here is an article by the great American Pastor and theologian, Benjamin B.Warfield (1851-1921). He presents a compelling exposition of that biblical understanding of reality which is  known  by the name 'Reformed theology' or 'Calvinism'. It deserves careful reading and reflection. THE subject of this address involves the determination of a matter of fact, about … Continue reading Calvinism Today, by B.B.Warfield