Breaking News, Global News

The gospel is breaking news. It is a message of an unfolding reality that grips us by the collar of our hearts and demands we pay attention. It compels our attention because its content affects our destiny; its theme goes right to the foundation of our existence and asks us to decide for life or for death.

A King without borders

Psalm 72:11-13 Christ came as the awaited Messiah who would occupy David's throne. This passage reflects the expectation that he would be a global King, whose rule would extend over all the earth. While the Jewish hope that the Messiah would literally live in Jerusalem in a restored palace wasn't realized, Christ does reign as … Continue reading A King without borders

Oriki Mi (My Oriki)

    In the Yoruba worldview, an individual's identity is closely tied to the community. It might be said of a person that 'the community is, therefore I am.' Out of this context emerges the Oriki. It is a praise poem celebrating the individual as a member of his family or clan. And it summarily recounts … Continue reading Oriki Mi (My Oriki)

A Call for Courage

These are challenging times. The advocates of unbelief and immorality keep waxing louder and louder. Popular songs and movies venerate sex, violence, and materialism. Intellectuals seek a social reconstruction that would destroy the institutions of marriage and the family. In spite of the onward march of democracy, the human lust for power keeps springing up … Continue reading A Call for Courage

Nigeria and the way out

The problems of Nigeria are deep moral problems. They can only be solved by a moral transformation which only the truth can effect. What is the truth? It is that: God exists. He is a holy God - of sound moral character. Because such a holy God exists, absolute values (love, justice, honesty) exist - … Continue reading Nigeria and the way out