In Focus: Armenia

      This mountainous, landlocked country has been a Christian nation for over 17 centuries. It was brought under communist rule but has been independent ever since the fall of that system. However, great challenges remain. Please pray for external peace and domestic prosperity. The good news of salvation through personal faith in Jesus … Continue reading In Focus: Armenia

In Focus: Argentina

        Most people are Roman Catholic, but  much of the religion is nominal. Please pray for revival. Name: Argentine Republic Area: 2,780,092 sq km Latin America’s second largest country, with a great range of climate, rainfall and topography. The 16,300 sq km Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) are claimed by Argentina but remain … Continue reading In Focus: Argentina

In Focus: Angola

              Two and half decades of civil war have left the country devastated. Formerly a communist nation, Angolan society has experienced the misery, deprivation and violence that that ideology always births. But praise be to God, the light of the gospel has been steadily bringing healing and succour to … Continue reading In Focus: Angola

In Focus: Algeria

              More than twice the size of Nigeria, Algeria is one of Africa's largest countries. Yet it is one of the least reached. Please join me in praying for: Wider diffusion of the message of the gospel leading to more conversions to Christ. Greater tolerance for Christians and their … Continue reading In Focus: Algeria

Pray for Albania

      Republic of  Albania Area: 28,748 sq km Population: 3,169,087    Capital: Tirana Urbanites: 48% HDI Rank: 70 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2009) Peoples: 13 (15% unreached) Official language: Albanian    Languages: 7 Largest Religion: Muslim Religion Pop % Ann Gr Christians 965,621 30.47 0.5 Evangelicals 14,466 0.5 4.6 Muslim 1,977,510 62.40 Answer to … Continue reading Pray for Albania