What Total Depravity implies

Total depravity is the sad but biblical idea that every person is morally corrupt and spiritually dead (Psalm 51:5; Ephesians 2:1-3). But rather than being a sour belief which hampers faith, it is a scriptural teaching which drives us to cling to the sovereign grace of God. It is an evangelical doctrine which ignites hope … Continue reading What Total Depravity implies

The problem of evil: a Christian response

It’s everywhere. Recently, scores of people were slaughtered in a middle belt state here in Nigeria by people believed to be herdsmen from the northern part of the country. Years ago, I lost a dear cousin to HIV. Many have also lost loved ones to cancer, malaria, and several other diseases. A hurricane swept through … Continue reading The problem of evil: a Christian response

Free Article: Not the way it’s supposed to be

Hi, I am sharing a powerful article on a very important topic. It was written by Dr. Cornelius Plantinga, former president of Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  According to the article, Sin is more than an error or mistake; it is a massive distortion of reality as God intended it. Sin: Not the … Continue reading Free Article: Not the way it’s supposed to be

The Meaning of Justification

'Justification is used in Scripture to mean the acceptance of God by anyone as righteous. Justification means that God treats a person who is guilty of sin as not guilty; God declares that that person is to be viewed as legally righteous. (It does not mean that the person is actually made righteous, any more … Continue reading The Meaning of Justification